The Quick Canopy
Instant shade for 1950-1967 Type 2
1-minute Installation

The Bus Barn
1004 E. Walnut, Suite A
Fullerton, CA 92831
(714) 870-6260
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CA Residents + 7.75% tax.
$6 S&H in 48 states.

Descriptions by Jeff Kritz of the Bus Barn, which is alas no longer in business. This page is provided for historical reference only.

Quick CanopyThe original "Quick Canopy" fits 1950-67 models and can be installed in less than one minute (it takes me 12 seconds). No screws, clamps, or ropes, and nothing to drill. The Quick Canopy is available in four fun colors: red/white, green/white, blue/white, and yellow/white. Only $79.95, shipping and tax extra.

Quick CurtainHere's our world famous Quick Canopy again, showing off its best friend, the "Quick Curtain" set. Available in the same four cool colors, and again, nothing to screw, clamp, tie off, or drill. The curtain set simply attaches to the support rod provided with the Quick Canopy. Only $49.95 for the quick curtain set, plus shipping and tax where applicable.

Potty Haus IThis is our version of an instant add-a-room. We call this the "Potty Haus I" which will fit mid-1955 through 1963. Installation is even easier because of our one-piece construction. The Potty Haus is great to use as an instant changing room, porta-potty room, or simply to add more space to your interior. About a 30 second installation and the same great color combos. Only $179.95 plus shipping & tax.

Potty Haus IIHere is the "Potty Haus II". This tent fits 1964 through 1979 Type IIs and can be installed in less than a minute by one person. The Potty Haus II is available in our four great color combos (red/white, green/white, blue/white, and yellow/white) and priced at only $189.95 plus shipping & tax.

Bus with all canvasThis is my friend's 1967 Westy with a complete setup in red/white. We also sell poptop canvas and seals for Westies up through Vanagon (there will be a "Potty Haus III" coming soon for Vanagons). We also have Deluxe rear seat bars and jailbars and the usual: hats, t-shirts, and stickers.

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