Erection of the Large Tent

main tent image

  1. Hook the side tubes (7) and (8) inwards into the brackets (see point A and B) and connect the support tubes (4) and (5) inwards (see point F). Rest the support tubes on the ground for the time being.
  2. Attach the connecting tube (2) to the plates on the side tubes (7) and (8) (see point F) and secure with the hooks.
  3. Push the connecting tubes (1) and (3) into the roof seams and insert the tube (3) into the side tubes (7) and (8) (see points A and B).
  4. Insert the connecting tube (1) into the adaptors at the front of the side tubes (7a) and (8a) and secure with the hooks (see point E).
  5. Button the side and front walls to the roof (Tenox fasteners).
  6. Fasten the side and front walls to the ground with tent pegs (9).
  7. The tent can be opened and closed on each side by means of zipp fasteners.
  8. Erect the toilet room with the sliding poles (6) and tension with the guy ropes (11) and special pegs (10).
Inset Drawings

Before erecting the tent for the first time it is advisable to lay all the parts out as shown here.


(The image says there are 2 guy ropes, 2 "special pegs" (for the ropes), and 25 of the wire loop stakes.)

Much thanks to Nathan Dennison.

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