It is recommended that instructions be read through before assembling Campertent for first time.

Two people are required for easiest assembly. One adult can erect Campertent by staking down all four floor corners prior to lifting up roof of tent.

1. Remove Campertent from carrying case.

2. Unroll Campertent. Remove poles from pole bag. Note: When rolling up tent for storage, place poles in bag and roll Campertent around pole bag.

3. Unfold Campertent and "square" floor area. Note: For storage, tent folds over in "third" sections prior to rolling up (see 2 above).

4. Socket roof ribs together and slide through roof sleeves. [Roof ribs - red to red]

5. Place roof peak "spider" in center. Slide roof rib ends into spider. [Roof ribs to spider - green to green]

6. Socket front support tubes together and insert into spider. Insert rear support tube into spider. [Red to red and gold to gold at spider. Support tube ...something...]

7. Socket corner poles together. Insert two sets of corner poles diagonally across from one another into roof rib ends. [Corner poles color code: blue to blue, white to white]

8. Lift up Campertent. Windows and front flaps should be unzipped to avoid pulling a vacuum.

9. Insert corner poles into "outside" ground strap grommets.

10. Locate remaining two corner poles into position. To make Campertent fabric more taut, move corner pole ends into "inside" ground strap grommets. Tops of corner poles are spring loaded. Compress spring when moving corner poles into "inside" grommets.

11. Hook front and rear of Campertent to support tubes. Snap corner straps around poles. Stake corners if necessary.

With rear flap of Campertent open, center the sliding door of the vehicle around the opening. Assemble the gutter rod then slide it into the pocket located on the rear flap. Either park vehicle, or slide Campertent against VW so that the rod will lay in the rain gutter of the vehicle. Place rod into the rain gutter then position the (2) "S" hooks around the rod and rain gutter. Hook the bottom "S" hooks (2) under the body pulling the elastic tight enough to hold the side against the vehicle. Attach the other (3) "S" hooks on the bottom flap to the under side of the vehicle.

13. TO STORE CAMPERTENT. Reverse steps 1. 2 and 3. If necessary to store wet, thoroughly dry at first opportunity.

It is not unusual for a new tent to seep water at some seams. Your Campertent is sewn with cotton thread. This thread will enlarge after it has been wet for awhile and cause seams to tighten and eliminate water seepage.

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